Honest Coffee with

Locally Crafted Cured


Service with a Smile


Located in Washington Square West and created by Thane Wright, Bower Café evokes pleasant days spent meeting and greeting new people while enjoying a classic open face sandwich in hand - along with a delightful coffee!

Photos by Christopher THORPE


Bower Café uses high-quality beans roasted to the depth & profile suited for impeccable taste ready to be enjoyed by the masses. Honoring the tradition of coffee, Bower Café will source and serve the highest quality beans and drinks. The coffee drinks on the menu will serve to enhance the natural coffee flavors, without impurities of syrups, powders or artificial flavors. This is raw yet refined perfection and simplicity – similar to the nest of the Bower Bird.



(267) 758-5536



263 S 10th Street
Btw Locust & Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19107



M-F 7a–5p
Sa-Su 8a–5p


Bower Beverages

Locally Roasted Coffee



We fuel a culture and environment that nests all walks and tribes:

a special hub that pairs honest coffee with locally crafted meats,

open face sandwiches, and service with a smile.


The Vision

Our philosophy is simple: warm and uncluttered.

We have curated a special place in Philadelphia — an inviting coffee-café where everyone is invited into the experience of being cared for. We are creating hospitality as familiar connection— complete joy. We offer stories of home based in old school secrets - where family, friends, neighbors, and people coming through the city in search of quality coffee and meats will leave with new connections. We are building a nest to cultivate memory-rich warmth with our neighbors and friends in this community we share with one another.

The Backstory

We want to see people happy.

The meat aspect comes from Thane’s father. 

My dad introduced me to pastrami and pig roasts when I was, like, six. We used to order these sandwiches from Longfellow’s in New Jersey. I still remember the first time I got a hot pastrami sandwich. I didn’t know what it was.

And when I asked my dad what I’d ordered, he told me to go on and take a bite - and it was bomb. The tradition of pig roasts rests with my uncles in my family. All my dads’ brothers—I remember their pig roasts. Whenever anyone asks about their sauces and herbs, I say orange juice. Making the best feast with onions, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and old school secrets.

Concept-wise? I love animals. They are beautiful intelligent spirits.

The Bowerbird is indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. He is a witty, creative soulful bird who spends almost a year meticulously building a nest in the name of love! And, in the same light, we’ve made our coffee, our meat, our hospitality the treasures we share with the Philly community.




We believe in good vibes and simplicity of service: this means less complicated brew methods and less pretentious everything, especially when thinking about the current state of coffee houses in the industry. Bower Cafe is not trying to fix something that is not broke. We rely on imagination and spirit to further human connection in our community. We believe in bringing it back to soulful basics: genuine hospitality. We hope to strip off the coldness of coffee industry and share an experience from the heart. The heart of our business is a feeling of warmer love we might enjoy with everyone passing through.

Bower Cafe

263 S 10th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylviania, 19107


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For general enquires about the Cafe &or our Bower Service Design Services, please drop us a line and we will be in touch soon.

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